WSOP Colossus Becomes Premier Live Poker Tournament Ever

WSOP Colossus Becomes Premier Live Poker Tournament Ever

The Colossus has been a success so far.

The planet variety of Poker’s inaugural ‘Colossus’ tournament has, as anticipated, smashed all the records to be the live poker tournament that is biggest ever staged.

Twenty-two thousand three hundred and seventy-four players turned out over the course of four Day 1 routes to play in the event, beating the previous WSOP record, the 2006 Main Event, by (calculator out) 13,601 players.

The function represents a strategic departure for the WSOP and Caesars as the event now has the extra aim of boosting the numbers at

Thus, this season’s Series is fully geared to attract the ‘right’ sort of player, and lots of them: the sort of player who might be attracted to multi-table a few money games or tournaments with low to mid-level buy-ins while they’re in town.

The Colossus is really a full here’s an example.

With its affordable buy-in of $565, and tantalizing $5 million guaranteed in full prize pool, it had been designed to paper your house with players.

The WSOP is peppered with large-field, low buy-in events in 2010, and also includes a bracelet tournament that is online.

Mobiles at the Dining Table

For the first time, players will be permitted to bring their cellular devices to your tables to play online during WSOP events.

Caesars convinced the Nevada Gaming Control Board to waive its one-player-per-IP-address rule, meaning that the Rio and all other Caesars properties will be whitelisted and exempted through the rule through the entire duration of the Series.

A year ago, cash game traffic rose 24 percent in the week that is first of Series alone, which means it’s likely to be also greater this year. Industry number-cruncher, has conservatively suggested that the spike shall be at the least 50 per cent.

Not totally all the players were happy because of the payout structure associated with the Colossus, but, and lots of eyebrows were raised by the announcement of the first-place prize of $638,880, which represents just under six % associated with prize pool, considerably smaller than the average tournament.

‘Democratic’ Payout Structure

But this was element of the plan; a flat payout structure that could reward as many players as feasible, with 2,241, or around ten percent of the field, making the money.

Top heavy payout structures will be the norm, and generally speaking that was created to reward the skillful player with an edge on the field. This ended up being poker with a much more ‘democratic’ distribution of wealth at heart, designed to keep the mid-level player happy.

‘When you experience a crowd that could fill numerous activities venues, there is little else you’ll say,’ WSOP executive director Ty Stewart stated in a statement. ‘ We would like to thank everyone who traveled from near and far to participate this historic event, particularly the very first timers.

Similar to the indication states, ‘ We Hope you soon come back.’ We like to bring poker enthusiasts together which help build momentum that is positive the game.’

This week, rough Rock Global and the Meadowlands Racetrack are expected to unveil plans for a casino in East Rutherford, home to the New York Giants and brand new York Jets.

Meanwhile, there have been proposals for the casino in the waterfront in Jersey City, directly across from Lower Manhattan.

‘There is no reason we can’t come up with a statewide gaming plan that brings jobs and economic growth to Bergen, Essex and Hudson counties while also supporting Atlantic City’s recovery and revitalization efforts,’ declared Huttle.

‘The reality of gaming is that New Jersey must do more to remain a leader today. We have to begin competing or we continues to fall behind in our region and within the national nation.’

Sheldon’s Warning

Interestingly, Sheldon Adelson includes a few words to state on the issue when the idea of one casino in northern New Jersey was brought up during the G2E annual gaming expo in Las Vegas year that is last.

The LVS president stated he’d leap at the opportunity to open a casino across the border from Manhattan, but would ‘think twice’ should several casinos be proposed for the area.

He also warned against the short-termism of seeing casino expansion as being a fix that is quick economic problems.

‘Look, it’s a sword that is two-edged’ he said. ‘If you go in there and spend a lot of money, then you may possibly wake up 1 day and Governor Cuomo or whoever is governor or mayor of brand new York City will say, ‘Look, they’re taking all of the New Yorkers’ money and they’re drawing it up for the reason that casino into the Meadowlands. So we’ve got to start one up, and keep the cash in New York.’ ‘

AGA Formally Denounces Slot Winnings Taxation Proposals

AGA President Geoff Freeman is aghast at the IRS’ proposal to electronically track players’ winnings through their customer loyalty cards for taxation purposes. (Image:

The American Gaming Association (AGA) has struck away against IRS proposals to lower the tax reporting threshold for slot winnings from $1,200 to $600.

The industry body reported that the proposals that are new be harmful to customer experience, increase paper work and disrupt the casino floor, as well as requiring expensive improvements to casino back-end systems.

The AGA, which represents operators and gaming manufacturers that collectively support 1.7 million US jobs across 40 states, made its feelings clear in the form of a 15-page formal comment submitted to the IRS this week.

This came on the back of a letter delivered by 17 bi-partisan people of Congress to IRS Commissioner John Koskinen stating that increased labor costs and lost company revenue resulting through the proposition could be ‘detrimental to local, state and national economies that depend on those revenue to support critical services.’

Serious Harm to Business

AGA President Geoff Freeman was particularly critical for the IRS suggestion that the rule might be enforced through the electronic tracking of players’ gambling habits through their customer commitment cards.

‘ The gaming industry is aware of no other industry in the national country for which the IRS has issued regulations requiring the industry to deploy its customer loyalty program for federal taxation collection purposes,’ Freeman reported.

Freeman said that the work lost and cost business revenue that comes from the reporting of video slot winnings is already burdensome, due to the fact devices ‘lock up’ and are temporarily taken away from service after a jackpot of $1,200 is hit therefore that it can be reported to your IRS.

‘AGA is conscious of no other industry that is US must take its assets out associated with production of income to satisfy its tax reporting responsibilities,’ he said. ‘The proposed slot reporting guidance would substantially magnify that burden in the casino to the stage of serious harm to its company by mandating the employment of an advertising device for tax information reporting purposes.’

Disruption to Backend

Furthermore, the reprogramming of the casino’s back end systems, which may be necessary for them to conform to the proposed regulations, could be troublesome and costly, Freeman said, especially for those casinos that run in multiple markets.

‘AGA casino members have expressed concern that to be able for their back-end systems to become able to compile, store, and index for retrieval a sizable number of daily win/loss statements, costly investment will be necessary in development and in a substantial increase within the present storage and processing power of these systems. This high priced investment in the required back-end systems changes would be magnified for everyone casinos that operate in numerous markets.’

The AGA recently established a petition that is online garnered over 10,000 signatures opposing the proposals. These signatures were from casino employees and customers alike, from across all 50 states, said Freeman.

FIFA Scandal Continues As Interpol Tracks Six Suspects

Sepp Blatter received a standing ovation from FIFA staff after announcing his resignation. (Image: Reuters)

Interpol, the international police human body, has put six of the suspects in the FIFA corruption scandal on the ‘red notice’ list, a designation that will make it virtually impossible for the people individuals to travel.

While the designation is not the exact carbon copy of an arrest warrant for the suspects, it recommends them they might travel that they are subject to the possibility of arrest anywhere.

Of the six suspects, two are former FIFA officials, while four were sports media executives.

Jack Warner, who formerly held the positions of FIFA vice president and CONCACAF president, had been already arrested in his home nation of Trinidad and Tobago, but had since been released prior to the red notice was released.

Similarly, former FIFA administrator committee member Nicolas Leoz of Paraguay was already under house arrest during the time of his red notice being established.

The four executives receiving red notices included Argentinians Alejandro Burzaco, Hugo Jinkis, and Mariano Jinkis, also Brazilian broadcast administrator Jose Margulies.

The Argentinians are charged with paying over $100 million in bribes to be able to secure media rights to various soccer tournaments.

Blatter Applauded at FIFA Headquarters

The FIFA scandal reached the office that is highest into the company (as well as perhaps the strongest person in activities) on Tuesday, when president Sepp Blatter made the announcement that he would resign from his post sometime in the next year, as soon as an alternative could be elected.

Blatter’s announcement came just days after he had been re-elected towards the office for the time that is fifth.

Upon coming back to FIFA’s Zurich headquarters on Wednesday, Blatter had been given a standing that is ten-minute by workers.

According to reports, he gave the 400 staff users in attendance a similar message to usually the one he told the soccer world on Tuesday: that FIFA needed to undergo reforms, especially in the committee that is executive.

Based on Reuters, a source close to FIFA said that it was finally Blatter’s very own advisors that convinced him to step down from the presidency following the ongoing criminal probe into FIFA by American and Swiss police force agencies.

While Blatter himself had yet to be implicated in some of these probes, it absolutely was still embarrassing for the association’s leader, who saw even their lieutenant that is chief facing of corruption and bribery.

Numerous Candidates Could Vie for FIFA Presidency

Within the day since Blatter’s statement, much of the speculation by media members and football fans happens to be about who his successor will be. You can find several viable candidates, though a stand that is few as getting the best odds of using his place.

UEFA president Michel Platini appears to be the favourite, both among pundits as well as the bookmakers at William Hill, whom list him at 6-5 odds. UEFA was a hotbed of critique for Blatter, and Platini had formerly asked Blatter never to run for reelection.

Another popular choice is Prince Ali bin al-Hussein of Jordan, who was simply the only person to perform against Blatter in the most recent election.

He is listed at 7-4 odds, plus the Jordanian Football Association states that it’s looking into FIFA’s own rules to see if Prince Ali is granted the career based on his second-place finish in Friday’s election.

But there could be many candidates throw about in the times and weeks to come, particularly without the specter of A sepp that is unbeatable blatter scare prominent users of the soccer community from running.

For instance, Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro suggested that Argentine legend Diego Maradona should be the next FIFA president, noting that Maradona had for ages been trying to root out corruption in FIFA even if few others seemed to care.

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