WSOP Colossus Becomes Premier Live Poker Tournament Ever

WSOP Colossus Becomes Premier Live Poker Tournament Ever

The Colossus has been a success so far.

The planet variety of Poker’s inaugural ‘Colossus’ tournament has, as anticipated, smashed all the records to be the live poker tournament that is biggest ever staged.

Twenty-two thousand three hundred and seventy-four players turned out over the course of four Day 1 routes to play in the event, beating the previous WSOP record, the 2006 Main Event, by (calculator out) 13,601 players.

The function represents a strategic departure for the WSOP and Caesars as the event now has the extra aim of boosting the numbers at

Thus, this season’s Series is fully geared to attract the ‘right’ sort of player, and lots of them: the sort of player who might be attracted to multi-table a few money games or tournaments with low to mid-level buy-ins while they’re in town.

The Colossus is really a full here’s an example.

With its affordable buy-in of $565, and tantalizing $5 million guaranteed in full prize pool, it had been designed to paper your house with players.

The WSOP is peppered with large-field, low buy-in events in 2010, and also includes a bracelet tournament that is online.

Mobiles at the Dining Table

For the first time, players will be permitted to bring their cellular devices to your tables to play online during WSOP events.

Caesars convinced the Nevada Gaming Control Board to waive its one-player-per-IP-address rule, meaning that the Rio and all other Caesars properties will b Continue reading “WSOP Colossus Becomes Premier Live Poker Tournament Ever”