‘Beautiful Girls’ tarnished by unsightly plot development

‘Beautiful Girls’ tarnished by unsightly plot development

By Gus Bode February 15, 1996

DE Special Projects Editor

Planning to some body class that is else’s, where you don’t know anybody, may possibly not be the criteria for a great time also for people who make the most useful away from any situation.

Gorgeous Girls, emerge a tiny fictitious Massachusetts town, brings audiences home to a small grouping of gals and dudes, and their class that is 10-year reunion. However the movie neglects to develop the figures and provides no understanding of whom these people used to be. The film just shows who they really are now, with no in the middle on what they got here.

Therefore audiences get no perceptions that are real the value associated with the reunion of buddies, and not actually become familiar with these folks, making the film as dull as likely to a course reunion with a lot of individuals that you do not understand. Continue reading “‘Beautiful Girls’ tarnished by unsightly plot development”